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1. Mike has kindly issued the rehearsal schedule for this term

2. Please also note the annotated score for Vivaldi's Gloria which outlines Mike's directions for phrasing, articulataion and dynamics and suggeststions on where to breathe during the singing of these movements. Please add these directions to your own copies of the work to save Mike's time at rehearsals repeating these directions.

3. Thank you to Jo and her team for coordinating the reintroduction of refreshments at rehearsals.  Please sign up to the associated tea rota.

4. A stock of pencils are available for loan at rehearsals in case anyone forgets their pencil for a rehearsal.

5. Congratulations to Katie Fenn who has won the September draw of the 100 club,

6. At this rehearsal we wished Gerry every happiness on his special birthday,

7. NB the AGM will be held from 7.30 p.m. on 3.10.22 and will be followed by the rehearsal at 8 p.m.