Protocol for Covid-Secure Burgess Hill Choral Society (BHCS) Rehearsals at All Saints United Reformed Church. Burgess Hill

This protocol is intended to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 as far as is reasonably possible at BHCS meetings at All Saints United Reformed Church, Burgess Hill.  It remains the responsibility of individuals to assess their own risk and whether they are prepared to attend rehearsals following the below protocol.   Last reviewed-28.1.22

Pre Event

Pre Event Email

Lateral Flow Tests

Refreshments/Music Scores

An email will be sent to members before each rehearsal to:


- ask members to confirm their intention to attend a rehearsal in advance of that rehearsal

- remind members of the protocol to be followed at the rehearsal

-alert those who should exclude themselves from attending e.g. anyone who:

- feels unwell (including having a cold)  and/or has coronavirus symptoms

- has had recent contact with someone who is potentially infected/ has been contacted by tracing service/quarantined after return from abroad

It is strongly recommended that choir members use lateral flow tests regularly (ideally on the day of a rehearsal)

Members are advised to bring their own refreshments to rehearsal and not share musical scores/equipment such as pencils

On Arrival

Face Coverings

Social Distancing

It is strongly recommended that each choir member, except those exempt from doing so, should wear a face covering when moving around the venue and only remove this face covering for the purposes of singing.

Choir members are asked to respect the wish of some people to maintain social distancing when moving about the venue.

Hand Sanitisation

Hand sanitiser will be available for use on entrance to church.

Recording Attendance for Track and Trace

Relevant contact details will be gathered via the pre event email.


BHCS will register for a NHS QR code and display the official NHS QR poster for scanning by choir members at meetings via the NHS Covid App should they wish to do so.


The seating for different voice sections will be colour coded to aid members going straight to a relevant seat.


Sopranos-  Red


Altos- Blue


Tenors- Green


Basses- Yellow

During Rehearsal

Spacing of Chairs

Chairs will be spaced out with 0.75 metre between adjacent chairs within each row.  Chairs will be spaced 1.25 metres away from the nearest chairs in the adjacent rows.  These measurements are made between the centres of chairs.

 There will be 2 metres distance between the choir and musical director

Illness During Rehearsal

Choir members are requested to inform a BHCS committee member should they become unwell during a rehearsal.


All doors, entrances and exits will be pinned back to aid ventilation during breaks only.